About Lonoy Geoconsulting

Lonoy Geoconsulting is an oil and gas consulting company that provides world-wide support on sedimentology and reservoir characterization of carbonates. The company was formed in 2011 and is currently run as a one-man company. Lonoy Geoconsulting specializes on the application of new methodologies in reservoir characterization, which are based on the empirical relationships between pore types and reservoir parameters, and integrates this into a sedimentological framework. A brief explanation of the new technology is given under the menu item "Reservoir Characterization". The new methodology is applied to predict pore types, permeability, effective porosity, capillary pressures, saturations, HC contacts, FWL, HC volumes and more. The methodology can be applied in both production and exploration scenarios.

The reservoir characterization methodology applies several novel prediction tools which have been compiled into a Carbonate Reservoir Properties Tool Package - CARP (see "Prediction Tools" on the menu).

V-structure created by solution collapse of underlying sequence, Carboniferous, Spitsbergen

Karst caves, Cretaceous, Kurdistan of Iraq

Fusulinids (thin section), Permian, Russia

Bedding plane and fracture control on dolomite distribution, Cretaceous, Kurdistan of Iraq

Gypsum beds overlain by stratabound carbonate solution collapse breccia, Carboniferous, Spitsbergen

Chalk, Normandie coast of France

Field work in Oman, Cretaceous

Ilam Fm. outcrops, Cretaceous, Iran

Molds after dissolved green algae, Teriary, Almeria in Spain

Sinkhole caused by solution collapse, Cretaceous, Kurdistan of Iraq

Field work in Angola

Fenestral structures (thin section), Devonian, Russia

Margin of giant solution collapse karst pipe, Carboniferous, Spitsbergen

Bitumen expelled from open fractures and vugs, Cretaceous, Kurdistan of Iraq

Giant V-structure related to underlying sinkhole, Tertiary, Mallorca in Spain

Field work in Oman

Fracture-controlled dissolution of rudists, Cretaceous, Spain

Fracture-controlled carbonate dissolution and brecciation, Cretaceous cores from offshore Angola

Hydrothermal karst caves with cupolas, Pal-Volgy cave, Hungary

Abandoned drilling site facility, Cuba