Prediction Tools

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Prediction Tools for Carbonate Reservoir Properties.
This is the full version of CARP. It is password protected, and access requires a subscription.

CARP Trial
This is a demo version of CARP intended for testing purposes. It is identical to the full version, but has some limitations on multi-data prediction (premium subscription features are not available). The demo version is offered free of charge for a time period of 2 weeks, starting every 1st and 15th of each month. Anyone interested in testing CARP can send a request using the CARP Trial Request Link to the right. The demo version is password protected, and the password will be sent to interested users 1-2 days prior to onset of the testing period.

CARP Free Trial Analyses
We offer free analyses of up to 10 samples pr. company/university. For more information, select the appropiate link from the Tool Links to the right.

CARP Flyer
This is a flyer illustrating how CARP can be used in reservoir modelling. Please note that the flyer is interactive. The flyer is freely accessible.

CARP Demo Report
This is a demo report based on data from an actual oil-producing field. Permission to use data from the field has been given by the operator given that the data is anonymized. The demo report illustrates how data from CARP can be applied as input to reservoir modelling and is an example of reports that can be delivered. The demo report is freely accessible, but please do not make copies. Password to open the report is: 20CARPdemo22

CARP Instruction Videos
These are instruction videos illustrating the use of many of the prediction tools in CARP. New videos are continously being added.

CARP LinkedIn Postings
This is a PDF file showing a collection of "CARP weekly info" published as postings on LinkedIn. The file is not always up to date with postings on LinkedIn, and is updated at irregular intervals. The postings are organized in a more structured way than on LinkedIn, and the postings are therefore not always in chronological order. Text and figures can only be applied with reference to CARP and Lonoy Geoconsulting AS.

CARP Trial Request
Request free access to the demo version of CARP by selecting the tool link to the right.

Paleozoic Barents Sea Atlas
This is an early pre-release demo version of a Paleozoic Barents Sea Atlas. Similar versions can be developed for any geographic area. Free access to the demo version is granted by creating a user account.