More than 30 years of experience as a carbonate geologist within exploration, production/field development, and research. Main specialty is sedimentology and diagenesis with special emphasis on reservoir characterization. Extensive experience on core description, thin-section analyses, pore typing, characterization of flow units, reservoir zonation, well correlation, integration with petrophysics and reservoir engineering, prediction of pore types and reservoir properties from wireline logs using neural network, field work studies, interdisciplinary integration etc. Extensive experience from carbonates in the Barents Sea (Paleozoic), North Sea (chalks), Russia (Paleozoic), Gabon (post-salt), Angola (pre- and post-salt), Iran (Cretaceous), Iraq (Tertiary, Cretaceous and Jurassic) and UAE (Cretaceous). Some experience from carbonates in the Norwegian Sea, Oman, Philippines, Cuba, Canada, Congo, Namibia, Spain and Greece.

Carbonate reservoir characterization and integration with petrophysics and reservoir engineering. Development of pore-type based prediction tools for permeability, porosity cut-off, effective PHI, fluid contacts, saturation, HC volumes and more. Predicted data are applied in reservoir geological modeling and reservoir simulation, and represents a new methodology for reservoir characterization. The methodology is applied to uncored wells using artificial neural network.