CARP - Free Trial Analyses

What We Offer
Free analyses of up to 10 samples pr. company, with no obligations. The analyses do not include any report, just the results derived from the prediction tools in CARP. Which results we deliver depends on the input data delivered. The results will usually be delivered as CARP screen dumps.

Minimum Data Requirements
- Measured core plug data (e.g. CCA plugs) for the relevant samples.
- Images of thin sections, which should be stained for porosity and preferrably be made from the end-chip of plugs. Thin-sections made from core chips located close to plugs may also be applied if the thin sections are representative for the plugs. In order to evaluate the dominant pore type, the thin section images should show a significant part of the thin section. The thin section images should therefore not be too much zoomed in. The optimal would be to have two thin-section images of each sample, taken at different magnifications.

Additional Data
The following data are not required, but any of them would extend the predictions and results delivered.
- MICP (Mercury Injected Capillary Pressure data) in digital form. This will significantly increase results delivery.
- Pore fill for each sample: water, oil or gas.
- Water density, and oil or gas densities.
- If available, contact angle and surface tension.
- Height above FWL or FOL for each sample.
- Pressure at reservoir level.

By applying this free service, the data owner gives Lonoy Geoconsulting AS the permission to use the data in anonymized form to develop CARP further.
The data will be fully anonymized, and no data that can identify the source are thus required. Data such as field, well, depth, basin, geographic region or depositional setting are therefore not required. Although these data are not required, it would be useful for us to have access to this in future development of CARP. In such case, the data will still be applied in an anonymous form.

How to use the service
Send a request and the data to Lonoy Geoconsulting AS:

The request must include the name of the company you are representing (required in order to keep track of the 10 sample quota for each company).
A delivery receipt will be dispatched once we receive the data.

Delivery time varies but will usually be within a couple of weeks.